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Under sections 201(1A), 201(3) and 201(3A) of the Companies Act, directors are responsible to present and lay before the company, at its annual general meeting, financial statements that:

  • comply with Accounting Standards issued by the Accounting Standards Council; and
  • give true and fair view of the profit or loss, and the state of affairs of the company.

AG offers accounting services in Singapore for the preparation of full set accounts and related tasks such as handling accounts receivables, accounts payables and bank reconciliations. Clients can have their accounts maintained at the convenience of their office or AG’s office.

AG’s Accounting Services in Singapore

AG’s accounting services can be grouped into bookkeeping services, accounting outsource, and accounts staff placement services.

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping services cover recording of financial transactions and keeping financial records such as sales, purchase, receipts and payments at our office. Clients need to prepare and send the documents to us. This arrangement is suitable for smaller companies and businesses with straight-forward and low volume of transactions.

Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting outsource covers more than bookkeeping and the job scope is customizable within accounting scopes of work. We handle client accounts at their offices for better communication and convenience. The time allocation at client offices ranges from one to a few days a week.

Accounts Staff Placement

Seasonal and fluctuating accounting workload during peak period, unexpected situation such as long leave taken by accounting staff and short term ad hoc projects such as accounting software implementation can drain a company’s accounting resources. At AG, we can provide temporary accounts staff on daily basis to cover the additional workload or accumulated backlog.

AG’s Accounting Services Explained

Some features that differentiate bookkeeping services, accounting outsourcing and accounting staff placement services are as summarized in the table below.

Bookkeeping Services Accounting Outsource Account Staff Placement
At our office, use our software At client office, use client software At client office, use client software
Less transactions More transactions More transactions
Need less communication Need more communication Need more communication
Monthly, Quarterly, Annually (regular) Weekly (regular/temporary) Daily (temporary/contract)

What Accounting Software Do We Use For Our Accounting Services?

Our accounts staff are platform-independent and we have used various accounting platforms ranging from those that cater for small and medium enterprises such as MYOB and QuickBooks to big, public-listed and multinational companies such as SAP and Oracle.

Benefits of Our Accounting Services

Focus. Clients can focus more on their core business activities.

Flexibility. Our accounting services can be arranged to be performed at client offices or at our office. Onsite accounting outsourcing arrangement can be scheduled for week days or Saturdays.

Convenience. For accounting outsourcing and accounts staff placement services, we will be based at client offices to manage their accounts. As such our clients always have convenient access to their own data and documents whenever they need them.

Confidentiality. All our accounts staff are bound by our strict non-disclosure agreement.

Cost Effectiveness. Our clients need not invest on fixed assets and fixed expenses to build and maintain their accounts department. Our accounting services are based on flexible cost structure which allows our clients to cut back on fixed expenses.

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