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Bookkeeping services singapore

AG offers bookkeeping services in Singapore. Our bookkeepers can prepare your accounts on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis for GST filing, statutory audit and income tax submission to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

Businesses and companies registered in Singapore need to maintain proper accounts to comply with various legal requirements in the country. Proper accounts maintenance facilitates audit of financial statements and the subsequent submission of annual returns to Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and to comply with the bookkeeping and record-keeping requirements in the preparation and submission of GST and income tax returns.

It is important for companies and businesses to keep updated record of all financial transactions. Financial records are essential for routine business references and are fundamental for the whole accounting process. As such, bookkeeping is important for any business. 

AG’s bookkeeping services involve gathering, arranging relevant supporting documents, referencing and finally recording all relevant business transactions of an organization using proper accounting practice. Routine bookkeeping also enables various financial reports to be generated such as balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and monthly management reports which give insight to improve financial management and make better business decisions.

At AG we assign dedicated bookkeepers to our clients for their bookkeeping needs. Our bookkeeping job scope includes preparing full set accounts, accounts payables, accounts receivables and bank reconciliations.

Why Choose AG’s Bookkeeping Services?

  • Allow businesses and companies to focus on their core business activities
  • Cost effective with flexible cost structure. As our bookkeeping services are carried out at our office with all the relevant accounting infrastructure ready, our clients just need to send their documents to us without having to invest and commit fixed expenses to build and maintain their own accounting team
  • We are able to provide flexible customizable accounting services and solutions such as onsite accounting outsource if clients need more than bookkeeping services
  • We assign dedicated staff to handle bookkeeping for our clients to ensure better communication and confidentiality
  • Access to our pool of experienced accounting professionals
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