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Payroll is a private and confidential job scope. AG provides payroll services to companies especially those without HR department in Singapore. Employment Act of Singapore is strict and changing, it is encouraging to outsource payroll function to external professionals like AG to safeguard confidentiality and compliance.

Our payroll services in Singapore include generating monthly payroll, submission of CPF,preparation of IR8A/IR21 and so on. We use a user-friendly payroll system in performing our payroll works which facilitates integration of payroll record and enhances accuracy.

Our payroll services are flexible as clients can send their documents to us or we go to their office to do their payroll onsite at their office. Our payroll charges are dependent on factors such as time spent if we are to work at client offices or number and type of employees if we are to do the payroll at our office.

Benefits Of Our Payroll Services

Cost efficient. It is more cost efficient to outsource the payroll to us as compared to hiring someone in a permanent position due to our economies of scales and our comparative efficiency.

Confidentiality. In most situations, it is not convenient to let internal staff know too more about company payroll information as it is sensitive in nature as compared to having an independent third party like us to handle the payroll.

Technology. Most companies do their payroll manually. At AG, we use the latest payroll solutions to automate and systemize most payroll tasks.

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